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Nutritional and Lifestyle Support for those with Cancer

The following guidelines are not meant to replace your primary care practitioner or cancer specialist in the treatment of your disease.   It is in no way intended to treat your condition.  It is however supportive care in conjunction with your current treatment regime and with the support of your physician.  The list below is very long but comprehensive – follow as many as you can

General Guidelines and Dietary Recommendations

  1. No fried foods, sugar, junk foods. 
  2. Regarding fats:  Less Omega 6 fats (soy, corn, safflower oils etc.) but increase Omega 3 fats: use 1TBS Cod Liver oil/day (fermented Cod liver oil is my preference) or 3-4 caps of Krill oil.  These will also be found to a lesser extent in grass-fed meats and butter from grass-fed cows
  3. No non-stick cookware and avoid microwave cooking, frying or charbroiling your food.  Boiling or steaming is much preferred.
  4. Low Carbohydrate/low glycemic foods – less grains and keep insulin levels low.  Cancer cells need plenty of insulin to bring glucose (sugar) to itself.  Sugar is cancer fuel.
  5. Avoid “whites” – white flour, white rice, white sugar (and even brown or raw sugar)
  6. Use only butter or coconut oil when cooking – Olive oil on salads is perfectly fine.
  7. Lots of raw foods – get a juicer and juice vegetables – especially brightly or deeply colored vegetables.   Alternatively use green, red, purple and orange food powders from health-food stores.  Otherwise lightly steamed vegetables may be much easier to digest
  8. Eat fermented foods like Bubbies sauerkraut, Kimchi or other fermented vegetables
  9. Add some detoxifying foods – garlic, green tea, whey, celery, turmeric, cilantro
  10. Use only meats from animals that are fully grass-fed and not given hormones or antibiotics and free from pesticides or herbicide contamination
  11. Eat fresh organic vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc) which have been identified as having strong anti-cancer properties.
  12. Eat organic eggs only.  Enjoy them hard-boiled, be careful when fried; do use the wrong oils
  13. Get antioxidants and other powerful healing nutrients from colorful foods, red and blue berries, cherries, beans, artichokes and deep green colored foods.
  14. If you use dairy foods try to obtain and use raw milk and dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese, butter (all very healthy foods) from grass-fed cows or goats.  Always avoid typical store-bought products from animals confined, grain-fed, and produced with antibiotics and rGBH growth hormone from Monsanto
  15. Avoid soy products (unless fermented) due to their anti-thyroid effects, difficulty in digestion and genetic modification (GMO)
  16. Consider the need to completely avoid gluten to which many individuals are genetically intolerant or allergic.  It can be very inflammatory
  17. Decrease your inflammatory foods – see Anti-inflammatory diet program on separate handout
  18. Be sure you have regular bowel movements – at least one or two daily
  19. Take time to exercise but do not get overtired and get regular and adequate sleep – 7 to 8 hours in a completely dark room.  No TV in the bedroom or alarm clock light 

Therapeutics Aids and Support

  1. Rerio – 20 drops twice daily for 1-2 months, then 3X weekly for 2-4 months
  2. These are from the GUNA Company but you will need
    to find a practitioner that uses them in his/her practice

  3. Anti-IL1 – 20 drops twice daily for 1 month, then 3X weekly for 1-2 months
  4. Interferon Alpha (IFN α)
  5. Interleukin 4        (IL-4)
  6. Interleukin 12     (IL-12)
  7. Optional – Use Basic – 1 packet for 5-10 days in a row then 3X weekly for 1 month.  Break for 10 days and repeat.  This is designed to alkalize the body (cancer is an acid lover).
  • If you don’t use fermented vegetables, be sure to use a good quality probiotic to your program
  • Other Options that may be Helpful – check Internet sources

    You may need supportive detoxification of liver, kidney, lymph, large intestine – especially if using chemotherapeutic drugs.   A great detoxification support protocol:  CysReplete, 2 capsules 3 times daily, NeuroReplete, 2caps twice daily.  This will provide lots of Cysteine needed for the sulfur amino acids –SAMe and glutathione.  A deficiency of the sulfur amino acids and methylation is the primary reason for many chronic diseases.

    Test Suggestions for Further Evaluation

    To Avoid

    Prescription Medicines

    Spiritual and Emotional Factors